Certified In Lift & Elevator Inspection


Elevator technicians use specialized equipment such as pressure gauges and ammeters to test elevators, escalators and residential lifts functions. Technicians can specialize in either the maintenance and repair or the installation of equipment and need a working knowledge of electronics, electricity and hydraulics.


Coursework covers:

  • Elevator history
  • Installing elevator components
  • Motors
  • Electrical wiring
  • Hydraulic theory


To provide delegates with knowledge of the most up to date examination and discard criteria.

The course is considered suitable for those having little or no knowledge of rope inspection/examination and rope products in general, as well as, those more experienced individuals wishing to update themselves with the most up to date published standards and codes of practice.


A certificate of attendance will be issued which aids in addressing the various legislative requirements placed upon employers to ensure their employees are competent. The course includes a substantial handout for future reference.



1 month


For Fees & Registration Inquiry On triumphcertification@gmail.com 

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